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I think, you know, as an actor we get these terribly sort of pretentious ideas in our heads. We try to take everything very seriously at first, you know, until we lighten up, we get on board, and have a laugh.
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“I feel like why not use any kind of power I have to serve. There’s a famous saying that ‘to serve is to love.’ I don’t want my tombstone to just say I was a series regular and Oscar nominee.”

- Viola Davis talks the Hunger Is initiative with Variety

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The Breakfast Club, 1985
Director: John Hughes

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(by maru ゜)
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theres no cliche i love more than the ‘hate eachother at first - end up banging at the kitchen floor after months of pent up sexual frustration and passive aggressive innuendos’ cliche

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the only two words you really need in your life are “bruh” and “chill”

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